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JeNiAl is an association founded by three fresh French graduates: Jean, Nicolas, and Alexia.

After studying for years in Politics and Energy Engineering, it was time for us to go into the field!

As we strongly believe in the importance of keeping it local - especially in an increasingly globalized world, where traditional solidarity and local supply chains are being damaged - we are committed to offering our support and technical skills to local initiatives to create a lasting positive impact.

But we are not done with learning yet! We plan to let ourselves be surprised by all the new approaches and techniques we’ll find out over emerging countries and get acquainted with local leaders and entrepreneurs in renewable energy initiatives.

Our travel through Asia

Keep it local

We want to work with local business, NGOs and associations setting up renewable energy sources such as solar panels, as well as local enterprises when needed.

Think global

Raising public awareness of their enterprises will help disseminate best practices and improve their capacity to raise funds and finance their projects.


Alongside with setting up environmentally friendly power sources, we intend to learn from the local know-how in implementing organic agriculture methods – in particular organic farming.



YPA is a school in Lombok, Indonesia providing abandoned children with shelter, education, medical support, advocacy and family care. As they are working within the constraints of a tight budget, they struggle to pay energy bills and suffer from frequent blackouts. They are considering setting up solar panels to ensure its energy independence.

JeNiAl is currently raising funds to make it happen and redesigning the solution to make it last. Ninety abandoned children will benefit from the solar powerplant installation! Be part of this project.

Who we are

Photo de Nicolas Antoine

Nicolas Antoine

After my dual degree from Arts & Métiers Paristech and Centrale Lille in Energy engineering, I worked in 2015 on a research project on storage systems for renewable energy. As an Energy Auditor, I have developed strong skills in energy efficiency. I want to understand better the energy issues to create more efficient and more adapted energy sources and consumption.

Photo de Alexia Perroux

Alexia Perroux

Alongside two Master degrees in Political Studies and Business Management, I developed a strong interest for environment as well as education and gender issues in developing countries. Currently living in Munich where I work as a Public Relation Intern at InterNations, I want to build up a project that actually makes sense.

Photo de Jean Garcin

Jean Garcin

Currently studying Environmental Engineering, I will graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and Technische Universität München in May 2016. I have chosen to complete my Master Thesis on Geothermal Energy Performance, as I want to have a comprehensive insight into renewable energy sources. I am fond of languages and like to visit new countries.

Photo de Pierre Crepel

Pierre Crepel

Having just finished studying Economics in a business school, I now look for new ways to learn and to improve both as a person and as a worker. To be part of this project is a real opportunity for me to develop my skills and to create something that matters. Every mail is welcomed, you just need to click here!

Photo de Clara Nicolas

Clara Nicolas

After a dual degree in International Affairs and Business Management in France, I am now looking for new opportunities to develop my knowledge of environment friendly technologies. Creating something beautiful for JeNiAl and Kokoon’s website is a way for me to make my friends’ dreams become reality!